Petr Hájek Architekti


concept 2010
authors Petr Hájek
cooperation Zuzana Grešová, Jaroslav Hulín, Andrea Kubná, Ondřej Lipenský, Martin Prokš, Michal Volf, Lukáš Zimandl
dum lampion
The house is inspired by poetics of floating Chinese lanterns. It is designed as a simple pavilion with facade made of white curtains. The curtains play a very important role in the design. They protect the interior of the house against insects and against looks from outside. They enable to influence the view towards the pond and so to create interesting inner scenography. In this way the inhabitants could change the atmosphere in interior according to their needs or a social event. The walls behind the curtains are fully glazed. The house has four exterior platforms and a port.
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