Petr Hájek Architekti

Conversion of old slaughterhouse in Ostrava

concept 2017
1st prize in international architectural competition, Ostrava, Czech Republic
authors Petr Hájek, Martin Stoss, Tereza Keilová, Nikoleta Slováková
cooperation Jiří Čepelka
The architecture of old slaughterhouses in Ostrava offers an exhilarating experience. The seediness and the patina added beauty to the entire complex. Our design strives to honour this historical value and work with it.
We propose to preserve the entire original complex as much as possible, including the arrangement of the floor plan, the shape of the roofs, the craftsmanship details. We also preserve all the adjustments that brought the time. In like this reconstructed complex we design contemporary architectural interventions: a white tower with a multi-purpose hall, the new mass in the form of old tower and the auditorium with retractable roof in front of old tower.